Getting Started


1. Account Creation

Your school will need to assign a person who will be in charge of creating the yearbook. Studio 1 will create an account for your primary yearbook advisor to have access to our online yearbook software. Please have the primary yearbook advisor fill out the form at the bottom.

2. Yearbook Training

You can schedule a 40 minute training on our yearbook software. This virtual training can be scheduled at any time in the year. It can be skipped if you are familiar with the software.

3. Uploading School Photos

Studio 1 will add your school photos into the yearbook software. This will take place in January, after your photos have been processed and reviewed.

4. Proofing the Yearbook

Please review your entire yearbook before submitting. Have a staff member from the school review it as well. Look for missing students and misspelled names. Studio 1 is not responsible for errors made in your yearbook.

5. Submitting the Yearbook

Submit your yearbook on time. Your deadline is 5 weeks before your delivery date. You will be asked to submit a final quantity at the time of submission.


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